Sunday, June 4, 2017

Remodeling work continues

While I look for Minnie, the remodeling work carries on. On Monday, the guys got started building shelves in the big storage closet:

They also sprayed texture on the ceiling and walls where the fireplace used to be. (That doesn't photograph well since it's basically white on white with a few lumpy bits.) If I had the bucks right now, I'd have them scrape all the popcorn off the ceiling & just repaint it smooth, but that ain't happening.

On Tuesday the exterior trim got painted--in the nick of time, too, as you can see by the storm clouds rolling in.

That's Sister A's car. I'm still driving my Prius, Black Betty. :)

By the way, here's the hole Minnie hid in Saturday before she disappeared. I'm pretty sure the previous owner's dog was trying to dig to China. I keep checking the hole (among other places) to see if Minnie has turned up yet, but no joy.

The hole under the shed goes waaaay back.
Wednesday the big storeroom's shelves were finished and painted, and the master bath vanity got another coat of paint.

Thursday the guys started painting the interior, covering up all that gloomy dark taupe-brown.

Bedroom with new color.

Kitchen draped...

...and painted.

Entry and hall with new color.

Above, living room painted. Below, master bath and office.

Second coats went on where necessary on Friday. Also, the master bath vanity was moved into place; you can see one of the flexible pipes just over the edge of the vanity, waiting to be plugged into a faucet.

Kitchen, painted and more-or-less functional. Touch-ups to come.

Vanity in place, waiting for faucet.
I have high hopes for a mostly functioning master bath Monday.

Another thing I'd like to have working ASAFP is my mail delivery. I know there's a big pile of mail somewhere waiting for me, but I haven't been able to track it down. Maybe it was all returned to the senders. Anyway, I only just started getting mail addressed to me (as opposed to Current Resident) on Friday, after calling the post office twice about it. Part of the problem is that another Smith moved in two doors down from me at the same time and I guess that confused people. Time to get un-confused, folks!

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