Sunday, June 4, 2017

Minnie is missing

My beautiful cat has been missing since Saturday night, May 27th.

After two weeks of confinement to the house (and, during the day, in the master bedroom closet) to keep her safe and out of the way of remodelers and all the debris in the house, I started taking Minnie out on supervised walks in the backyard. On the third walk, I turned my back for 20 seconds to take trash out to the dumpster, and when I came back into the yard, she was gone. Later, I discovered she was hiding in a huge hole dug out under the shed (the previous owners had a pit bull). I tried to lure her out with treats, but she wouldn't budge. I couldn't reach in and get her, either, the way the hole was situated--only a small critter like a cat could squeeze in there. Late into the night, I kept trying to talk her out, but finally had to give up and let her sleep outside. It wouldn't be the first time. I set a lawn table under my bedroom window for her to jump up on and meow at me, then went to bed.

The next morning, I went out to the shed hole to try to coax Minnie out. I held my smartphone at the mouth of the hole to shoot video of the hole so I could see if she was still in there. She wasn't--sometime during the night, she had left the yard entirely. I walked up and down the alley calling for her, up and down the block, got in my car and crawled along every street in the neighborhood--still no luck. I looked for little bodies on or around the two busy streets nearest my house--thank goodness, no luck there, either.

It's been a week now. I've put her picture up everywhere I can think of and checked the local Animal Shelter, even their "dead animal" book (didn't know they had one). I put water outside for her, and set her litter box outside for her to smell when people suggested it. Had to bring it in when the weather turned wet, though.

That's the bad thing. We've had some high winds and rain this week and she's scared of storms. So I really hope she's been taken in by some nice person. The alternative is rather awful.

She might come back--it's only been a week. Other cats have strayed and come back after that length of time or longer. She didn't know this neighborhood at the time she left, but maybe she got enough of a scent of our backyard Saturday to find it again, eventually. I'll just have to wait and see.

Here are the pix I put on Facebook and sent to the Animal Shelter. She's a long-haired calico, but more brindle-pattern, about 12 years old. She has a splotch of white on her nose & mouth, golden eyes, four white feet (gloves on the front paws, high stockings on the back legs), a white bib and tummy, and a plume of a tail.

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