Sunday, April 2, 2017

"My! People come and go so quickly here!"

No sooner do I say I'm looking for a smaller place than, by golly, I found one! Actually, I found several in a row, but lost out on all but the last--the one I really wanted. Here's my new little house:

It's a 2-bed, 1.5 bath, 972-sq.ft. darlin' with a garage and a big backyard. It's move-in ready, but, of course, there are a few changes I'd like to make. The space is used well, it has big closets, and the mechanicals & laundry hookups are on a raised dais in the back of the garage. The master bedroom is a monster & has an en suite bathroom. Have some more pix:

Living room. I'm going to paint it a lighter, happier color (haven't settled on what yet). My sister is petitioning to take out the fireplace, but I doubt if I could afford that right now, and it would leave a hole in the carpet before I'm ready to take it up & replace it with laminate or vinyl planks.

The wall color is actually darker than it looks here, so I'm probably going to leave it in the kitchen. The flooring is gray multi-tone vinyl (squares, I think, but I don't recall).

At the other end of the kitchen is the dining area and doors to outside (with dog/kitty door) and the garage. In place of that ugly china cabinet, I'm going to have my favorite handyman build or otherwise put together a white kitchen cabinet unit, uppers & lowers, to more-or-less match the existing cabinets. I'll need the storage space.

The kids' bedroom will be my office and sewing room. I'm not surprised that a family of four is busting at the seams in this little house!

Really big master bedroom; this will also accommodate some bookshelves and my big reading chair (currently in my den). This room will also be repainted using the Orange Glow of my current bedroom.

The full bath and the half bath will both lose their grotty honey oak appointments. I'm going to replace them with white vanities and repaint with Orange Glow. The full bath will get a white-framed medicine cabinet and the half bath will get a spiffy white-framed mirror. I'm also replacing the light fixtures and assorted "jewelry" with brushed nickel.

Backyard; no, the trampoline is not staying--I'm a little past that! I'm going to have my handyman build a patio cover right away so my kitty can have some shade (she'll probably let me use it, too) and the shed door needs replacing. Down the road, if sewer & gas line placement (and money) permit, I'll add a shade tree.
I love it! It's just the right size for me, and it's in another quiet, tucked away neighborhood like the one I'm currently living in (I got really lucky there!). Plus, with a 30-year-loan, the mortgage payments will be entirely manageable after I retire, whenever that is.

Here are a few of the goodies I'll be putting in the bathrooms:

For half bath

For full bath (recessed)

Rustic Gold--if it works with my Orange Glow paint

These will be painted white.
Forgot to mention the all-important part: my current house has already sold, sight-unseen, based on cellphone photos. 😲 The lady who's buying it finally got to clap eyes on it Friday (she currently lives out of town); she loves it and said it's exactly what she was looking for.

I sure never thought this would happen so fast!

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It's just perfect for you!