Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Starting to move

This 3-bedroom, 2-bath house that I originally bought with my sister is too big for me since she moved into her own little house. Now that I've made a year's worth of mortgage payments on it (and so brought the balance down a bit), I should be able to get enough from the sale of "da Big House" to buy a little house for myself. So I've officially started looking. Since 2-bed 1-bath houses in decent neighborhoods are pretty thin on the ground hereabouts, the process will probably take a while. I want something I can retire in; with a 30-year mortgage, I should be able to afford it on my pension and Social Security (assuming Frump doesn't destroy them both) whenever I decide to hang up my pica pole.

Heh--ugly Troll doll to anyone who can tell me what a pica pole is without Googling it. :)


Mike said...

A wooden pole festooned with tiny perpendicular pegs for those fluffy, jumping & climbing South American rodents? I got nothing, lol. :o)


las794 said...

Not even close! :D

Alley said...

A measuring stick for pica type?

las794 said...

Close! Check your email. :)