Sunday, February 14, 2016

Big changes afoot

My sister and I have been sharing a house for almost six years now, and in that time, we've both realized that we'd rather have our own digs again. We might be just a touch set in our ways. :)

Well, we both assumed it would be me who moved out, since I'm still working full time and I've been socking away money for a down payment (she's retired on Social Security and couldn't possibly buy my half of our house). Big surprise, then, when she found a little house that's perfect for her in a nearby small town and jumped on it with both feet! I'm doing a cash-out refinance to buy her half of our current house (less what she owes me in house-related debt) so she can put a down payment on the little house and fix it up the way she wants. Here it is:

As you can see, it has both a very nice carport and a garage. The backyard is fenced well, the roof is in great shape, and it's actually move-in ready...but, of course, Sister A. wants "a few" changes. Our favorite handyman is going to faint (or maybe dance a jig!) when he sees the length of her list!

Here's a little of the inside:

Ignore the hideous bordello chandelier in the last photo and focus on the cool beadboard ceiling. The ceilings in the entire house are done that way.

There's a pile of new goodies to go into the house currently sitting in our kitchen and A. has at least four lists going of what all to do and buy and pack and separate between the two of us (we've already split up books).

I close on my refinance on the 19th and she closes on her new house on the 24th. Exciting times!


Roses said...

That's an adorable little house.
Sounds like everything is going to work out to everyone's advantage... including the handyman's!

Best wishes to both of you with this new venture.

Alley said...

That's almost SIX years, Sis. See how annoying I can be?

las794 said...

I rest my case.