Saturday, October 10, 2015

New (volunteer) job

I volunteer at the local library on Saturdays (well, not every Saturday, but a lot of them), as does Sister A. She also became treasurer of the Friends of the Library several months ago, so she's been working her head off whipping the treasurer's processes and records into shape. Recently, having heard a lot about the FOL's membership recordkeeping woes from A., I volunteered to put my name in the hat for membership director at the next election in April. Well, the current director isn't coming up to the mark, so to speak, so I started as "apprentice" today, which suits all parties just fine.

I didn't exactly cover myself with glory today, but in my own defense, I had the only computer with, of all things, an Ubuntu Linux operating system and a stinker of a spreadsheet program. That'll be remedied soon, I'm glad to say. (Linux is great fun for computer geeks, but really not the best choice for a business environment.) Other than that, I got confused on a couple of recordkeeping points and had to backtrack a few times. But I'll get the hang of it.

In addition to contributing more to the FOL than I have been, this is an opportunity to learn more about Excel. I've used the crap out of every other Microsoft Office app lo these many years, but have hardly any experience with Excel. It'll be nice to plug that hole. :)

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Alley said...

Welcome to the craziness of a volunteer-managed business!