Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pampas grass shade

The three pampas grasses in front of my bedroom window have gone bananas this year, thanks to all the extra rain we've had. This is my view from inside:

And here they are from the street:

I finally have some shade on my window!

While testing Picasa today, I happened to get a super-floofy photo of Minnie:

"Go away, Mom."

I was testing Picasa--and other programs--with regard to Windows 10, which I loaded on my home PC a couple of weeks ago. Overall appearance/impression: I like it. The Start button, which disappeared with Windows 8, is back in all its useful glory, plus the new MS browser, Edge, appears to be a big improvement over hoary old Internet Explorer, and I love that the stupidly named "Windows Explorer" (which used to be plain old File Manager) is now called "File Explorer", which sounds more like its function.

However, when I started working with my apps--Picasa, Photoshop, and some from Office 365 (which I'm trying out for a month)--I kept running into permission problems, even though I'm logged in as Administrator! Googling Windows 10 problems got me nowhere; it was only after I Googled "Picasa Windows 10" that I finally found a workaround. For Picasa and the Adobe programs, right-click over the shortcut, choose Properties, go to the Compatibility tab, & click the "Run this program as an administrator" box. For MS Office, you have to open the file location, right-click each app, choose Properties, click the Security tab, under "Group or user names" click Edit, select your Administrator self, then under "Permissions for Administrator" click the "Full Control" box. What a lot of rot. And every time you open the program, you still have to authorize the app to "make changes to your PC", so it's an extra couple of clicks. Real first-world problem. Whatever--at least I can save documents now.