Wednesday, July 15, 2015

V-E-T day

Well, I was going to put up a photo of Minnie with her new bald spot, but she got away from me before I could lure her inside. She probably thinks I'm going to grab her and stuff her in the cat carrier again, like I did earlier--right out of a nice nap, which was terribly rude of me. She got her rabies shot, though, and was an absolute champ while Dr. Stabby was using the small clipper on her mats. She sat still and let me and the vet tech scritch her cheeks and head (and I held her under the chest just enough to grab her quick if she showed the least sign of bolting). She has one spot about the size of a quarter where you can see her multicolored skin and a few other thin spots, but all those nasty mats are gone.

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Anonymous said...

Hurray! Non-matty happy katty. :-)