Saturday, July 11, 2015

Feeling virtuous today

Getting out of one's own head and doing a good turn helps dissipate any gray clouds that might be fogging one's mind. This morning, after a long absence, I volunteered at the library, sorting books for the Friends of the Library sales in Sept.-Dec. I had stopped because I still work full-time (and I put in full, intense days every day) and I just wasn't getting enough rest on the weekend. But I'm on vacation this week and the FOL is terribly short of sorters, so I thought I'd pitch in. Now I'm tired and my feet hurt (especially my right heel--owwww!), but I feel good. Don't know what else I'll be doing this vacation, but I will do more sorting.

Another thing I'll be doing is taking my cat Minnie to the V-E-T for her annual shots. She also has some bad mats in her fur that have gotten beyond my ability to work out without risking life and limb, so she'll probably be coming back home with some shaved spots. All the other kitties will laugh at her, but at least those mats won't be pulling on her skin anymore (and neither will I).

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Alley said...

No one would DARE laugh at Minnie. She's much too regal.