Sunday, June 21, 2015

Can't seem to keep up

...with this blog. Lack of motivation. Ennui. Pick yer poison.

The vacation didn't go very well--I started feeling ill a few days into it and wound up coming home a day early. And I couldn't sleep on the stupid bed--one corner was busted, so the bed was canted at a weird angle, plus there was a plastic sheet or mattress pad buried somewhere in the bedding that I really should have ripped out the first night. Anyway, stomach crud cut it short.

I did meet this guy, though. Click the pic to see details.

I haven't seen a horny toad (horned lizard) in decades. I was lucky he stood still long enough for me to snap about three dozen photos of him (this one was the best).

I got a sorta-vacation after I got back home because I was out sick with the crud. It's gone now, whatever it was, mostly due to dietary changes, I think. I cut out orange juice and sodas (too acid). For a while, I left off milk products, too, even though they used to be my fix-it of choice, because they seemed to be making things worse. Doesn't make any sense, but there you are. Anyway, I don't down as much of that as I used to. More salads and less bad-for-me stuff = happier tummy.

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