Thursday, January 1, 2015

Official Birthday

Today is Minnie and Sammi's official birthday. Minnie (calico) is 10 years old and Sammi (big gray girl) is 11 years old. Both ages are approximate, because they were both strays. They're both sweeties, but they don't get along AT ALL, not even after 4.5 years in the same house. But that's OK, they've each got their own human. Minnie is mine and Sammi belongs to Sister A. Oddly, though, Sammi does most of her napping in my room, not A's. There's no accounting for kitty behavior....

Minnie tries to sleep through the invasion of paparazzi.

Minnie matches our bamboo floors nicely.

Sammi asleep amid the stuffed critters on my dresser.
You can see part of her fluffy gray backside reflected in the mirror.

Sammi has appropriated Sister A's new chair for herself.

1 comment:

Alley said...

Sammi will even climb up on the chair and move me out of it if she feels like it.