Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dipping one's toe in the technological pool

One of the things I do at work is write instructions for doing all the other stuff I do at work. I'm not the only one doing said stuff, of course, and since people come & go, we need instructions for newbies. It also gives us a way to set stylistic standards for everyone in Production to follow.

But with all the software I've learned and written down to teach other people, I've never had occasion to learn anything about video. I'm one of maybe half a dozen people in the country who still don't have a smart phone and, thus, don't record video of whatever people with smart phones shoot video of.

(Which is not to say I wouldn't like to have a smart phone--I love gadgets!--but as little as I use my "dumb" phone for making calls, a smart phone would basically be a $60/month toy, and I really can't justify that.)

So, anyway, back to work, where I have an old sheet of instructions on how to get video ready to upload to our LMS (learning management system, for online courses). I emailed all my Production buds asking if anyone was into shooting & putting video on Facebook or whatever, but heard nothing back. So I did what I usually do when I want to learn something--fired up Google. I also got a copy of the user manual of my camera (which I hadn't really gone through yet, months after the purchase).

It's pretty dang easy: shoot your video, connect the camera to the computer, import the video into Windows Movie Maker (or iMovie, for you Mac mavens), save it, compress it for email (so it'll be a reasonable size for uploading), and hey-presto, you're done.

Which is a long-winded way of saying--here's my first video:

That's Sister A's cat, Sammi, volunteering as my guinea pig. (Hmm--it looks better on Facebook.)

And now I've got my instructions tweaked for the modern world.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Official Birthday

Today is Minnie and Sammi's official birthday. Minnie (calico) is 10 years old and Sammi (big gray girl) is 11 years old. Both ages are approximate, because they were both strays. They're both sweeties, but they don't get along AT ALL, not even after 4.5 years in the same house. But that's OK, they've each got their own human. Minnie is mine and Sammi belongs to Sister A. Oddly, though, Sammi does most of her napping in my room, not A's. There's no accounting for kitty behavior....

Minnie tries to sleep through the invasion of paparazzi.

Minnie matches our bamboo floors nicely.

Sammi asleep amid the stuffed critters on my dresser.
You can see part of her fluffy gray backside reflected in the mirror.

Sammi has appropriated Sister A's new chair for herself.