Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snow for the Holidays

OK, it's just a little snow, and two days after Xmas, but I'm on holiday, so it still qualifies. The weatherman says we got about an inch, and it's melting pretty fast, but I got a few "picture postcards" out of it:

The view from our front porch.
The neighbors' pyracantha bush (nicely trimmed) with its bright red berries.
One of our desert willows and the wee short wall we had built to reflect
the "pyracantha" neighbors' wee short wall.
One of the great things about working for a state university is the two-week Winter Break. This year, I only had to use one vacation day to make a whole two weeks off. I got my car tended (30,000-mile check-up and a way-overdue wash) on the first Monday and have been luxuriating in time to read, sew, watch movies & HGTV, and mess around on the Internet since then.

Two of my Xmas prezzies this year are the books shown below:


Yes, at my advanced age, I'm going back to basic art class (figuratively--I school myself, as usual). I never really learned much about colored pencils, so now I have no excuse not to try. I hope my stupid hand tremor doesn't interfere; I do pretty well when cross-stitching, so maybe concentration helps. Anyway, I need a creative outlet, so I'm going to give it the old Girl Scout try.

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