Monday, September 1, 2014

Plumbing/flooring update

The plumber's scanner guy did an ultrasound on our floors to find the leak, and it turned out that my vanity and all my floorboards had to come out, along with some boards in the hallway, the hall closet, and my bedroom. The plumber was able to jackhammer out a pretty small hole to get to the leak. That's the newer gray square to the left in the pic below.

The insurance adjustor came by to witness our travail and scared the crap out of us by saying that ALL of the flooring in all three bedrooms, the hall, AND the living room had to come up because it couldn't be matched. That meant every stick in those rooms had to be packed up and/or moved (for the third time, counting moving in and the previous remodel). I nearly had a heart attack. Fortunately, the reality isn't so bad--we were able to custom-order the same tiger stripe bamboo that we had put in before, and although it won't be the same dye lot (are floorboards dyed?), it'll be close enough and our handyman can feather it in with the previous boards to make it look good.

All the cork flooring in my bathroom has to be replaced, but cork is easy (and we were able to order the same cork as before). In the meantime, of course, my pot sits in my tub and the floor is nekkid.

The leak itself was fixed by the Wednesday after we noticed it. While working on the pipe in my bathroom by himself, though, the plumber had a bit of a problem. He turned the water on to test it and the pipe went a-gusher all over the room. He came running through the house to the back to shut the water off, chanting, "Not good, not good, not good." It was too funny! The problem turned out to be a pipe fitting that didn't (fit, that is), not another hole. He got it fixed properly the next day.

Speaking of the hole, here it is (two shots of same):

That tiny hole caused the entire problem and thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

By Thursday, the leak was fixed, the wet areas were drying out (we had big fans running day and night since discovering the leak), and we were able to move home after only six nights in the hotel. Sister A. was even able to do laundry at home that day. We were sure glad to be back in our own beds with our kitties, who were slightly freaked out from all the repairmen and neither of us being home at night.

My vanity is a little warped at the base, but Frank the Handyman says he can sand it down, paint it, and it'll be fine, so that saves us replacement cost.

The floorboards we ordered have already arrived and Frank picked them up for us today; they're now acclimating in the kitchen. Minnie has inspected all the materials--she's very efficient.

The red tube is a roll of underlayment. The big box isn't connected with the leak--that's a dishwasher we bought shortly before we discovered the leak. Yes, Miss I'll-Never-Own-a-Dishwasher (and that person is Not Me) finally decided she wanted one. We've decided to make up the cost of the dishwasher with a little of the insurance money, which means I get my savings back AND I still get a dishwasher! Woo-hoo!

Frank will start work on my bathroom and the flooring in about a week. I am soooooo looking forward to having my bathroom back!


Susan Greene said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear you are going through this...although I'm very glad to read you have a darned good insurance company!

Evon Brow said...

"Nekkid" floors, and a terrified plumber rushing out of the house must had been quite a sight. Heh. Anyway, your plumber was quite skilled, as he was adept in using the right equipment in looking for your leak. Without that, he might've had to resort to drilling holes on your floor, and that's just more things to repair later on. Glad to see the cause of the ruckus was all fixed up. Let's hope nothing goes wrong for the rest of the way!

Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing