Monday, September 15, 2014

Plumbing and flooring done, cat situation in progress...

My bathroom and the floors in & around my bedroom were completely finished by last Wednesday. I very much enjoyed having my en suite potty back and all to myself that evening. The tiger stripe bamboo that was replaced looks exactly like what was there, and everything in my bathroom looks the same, so there's not much point in putting up new pix of it.

In the middle of the leak and repairs, we noticed that Annabelle, our youngest kitty, had a big, hard lump on the lower left side of her jaw, so Sister A. took her to the vet last week. The vet got some fluid from it, so we are trying antibiotics on her. Hopefully, it's just an infection and not a fast-spreading mouth tumor. We'll know by how well it responds to the antibiotics. We're pretty sure it's shrinking now, although the lump is still hard. If it's not all gone by the time she finishes her antibiotics, we'll have to get a biopsy.

In order to get medicine into Annabelle (because bagging her in a towel and trying to shoot it into her mouth with the dropper did not go well), we're feeding her stinky goodness with gravy and mixing it up really well. So far, so good.

Minnie and Sammi have caught the scent of meat, too, and are enjoying Annabelle's new diet now & then (sans antibiotics, of course). Minnie hasn't had wet food in so long, it's pitiful--I used to give it to her every morning, but stopped when I moved in with A. because she doesn't like the smell. Hmph. I may be rethinking that move--it's not really fair to Minnie.

Back to house stuff, we have a bit of insurance money left over from the repairs, so we're going to have Frank the Handyman build a wee, short wall along the west side of the front yard (can't really call it a "knee wall"; maybe an "ankle wall"), which will match the one our east-side neighbors have (except ours will be red brick, where theirs is blond). It'll look quite nice & neat. I'll get a pic of what I'm talking about next weekend.

Next weekend, WHEN I DON'T HAVE TO WORK AT THE LIBRARY, hallelujah, because they're having the September book sale & I am sooooo not a people-person, therefore will NOT be manning the cash register or whatever. Sister A. will work some that weekend--she can have it! I don't mind grunt work, but I draw the line at volunteering for hours of social awkwardness. I get enough of that at my real job. :)

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