Sunday, September 21, 2014


We had hoped that the lump on Annabelle's lower jaw was just an infection because the vet was able to extract some fluid from it, but we gave her all the antibiotics he prescribed and the lump never shrank appreciably. Sister A. had the impression from the vet visit last time that he didn't really think it was "just" an infection, but it was worth a try. A. took Annabelle back to the vet last Thursday to have the lump looked at again and, unfortunately, the news wasn't good.

The lump was a big tumor that had grown to an inch long inside her little mouth. We had noticed that she seemed to be having trouble eating and drinking. The vet said this type of mouth cancer grows and spreads all over really fast. We kinda knew this was coming and had talked it over. We didn't want Annabelle to suffer, so we decided to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge.

We'd only had her 2.5 years. She came to us as a refugee when her previous owner, the grandmother of a friend of ours, had to go into a nursing home (and, as it happened, never came out). She was a pretty thing, despite her runny eyes--mostly white with a calico tail and ears she stole from some other kitty, and one brown spot on her rump. She always greeted us when we came in the door, rubbing all over our shoes and jeans. She became very attached to A., and if A. stayed out in the yard too long working, Annabelle would "scold" her when she came in. She loved to nap on top of A's bed pillows, play with an old pink shoe lace, and follow A. all over the house. She also liked to sit on the back of the living room couch, watching the birds out in the yard and chirping at them non-stop. And each time she finished her dinner, she would proceed to stampede from one end of the house to the other, the thunder of her tiny feet on the cork flooring sounding like a herd of tiny horses.

She also threw up rather a lot, but we were getting that under control by only feeding her little bits at a time. She was not a self-regulating sort of kitty. :)

But now her health problems are all over. Annabelle is sitting on her Gram's lap, purring up a storm.

Have a good time, sweetie.


Alley said...

Really miss her little paw tapping me on the elbow for my attention. Such a sweetie.

Thumper said...

Aw, man... :(

The Bridge has gotten way too many kitties lately, though I bet she's happy to have that lap back.