Friday, October 4, 2013

"Vacation's all I ever wanted..."

Well, I've got all my gear & I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow. I'll be bopping around New Mexico the whole week, away from cellphones (although I'm taking mine for emergencies), email, computer games, and various other electronic whatnot. I'm taking my camera and laptop, but only for picture-taking-&-processing purposes. I've told the folks at work that I shall be incommunicado the whole week. I hope to have many sessions of turning my brain off completely, cuz it's been a long 4-5 years at work.

I'm really going to miss the kitties, though!

Had to change my plans slightly when the government, in the House Repugs' infinite wisdom (NOT), shut down. All national parks, monuments, and (probably) wildlife refuges are closed, but I put together a long list of state parks, etc., so I'm good.

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