Sunday, September 8, 2013

"What? I'm relaxin' here!"

This is the cats' new favorite hangout, under the purple fountain grass by the front porch.

Sammi saw Minnie in "her" spot and was livid.

And just to prove that I have been out & about with my camera (even though I've been a slovenly wretch at blogging), here are a couple of my buds at Prairie Dog Town last weekend, just hangin' out by the burrow. I took this with a newly-arrived 55-300mm telephoto lens. I had gone shooting at PDT before with the telephoto converter which came with my camera stuff, but the results were really bad, so I popped for the real thing. This is why I bought the camera in the first place. :) I'd also like a real wide-angle lens for landscapes, rather than a let's-pretend-it's-a-wide-angle converter, but that'll have to wait. Critters and purty flowers come first.

And on a related note, it is now T-minus 27 days until Walkabout!

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Meg & Quill said...

Go for the Mamm - it's really not that bad - a few minutes of discomfort and a whole year of relief! :-)