Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saturday's expedition

I went on a shooting expedition Saturday (picture-shooting, that is), and this was my first stop: a rock waterfall at the Buddy Holly Recreation Area. It meanders down several levels on both sides of a street. I used the "show water flowing" setting in the first two shots, then dropped it for the others so I could see the difference. In the last waterfall photo, you can see that I don't quite know what I'm doing yet--all those spots & flares. But, hey, that's why they call it learning. :)

I stopped in some other places, too--a little man-made lake behind an apartment complex where ducks & geese were hanging out, a fancy Baptist church, and Lubbock's very own Prairie Dog Town, but I'll put those pix up later. I've spent too much time fooling around in software today; need some non-digital time (well, sorta) before going back to the cube tomorrow.

The last pic is by way of a signature--yes, that's Yours Truly. Yes, that's a cowboy hat. Well, it is Texas....

Howdy, neighbor! Come again!
P.S. - I haven't owned a cowboy hat since I was a wee little kid. I think it was red with white stitching around the brim, but I could be making that up. This one is straw, no fancy stitching, although I did add a red & black "stampede string" to keep it on my head in strong winds, of which we have a gracious plenty hereabouts.

P.P.S. - I had a big floppy garden hat already, but Sister A. said it looked dorky and insisted I get a proper cowboy hat instead.

P.P.P.S. - She hates the stampede string. Again, dorky. I don't give a rat--it works for me.

P.P.P.P.S. - Sister A. has a lot of preferences, requirements, opinions, assertions, dislikes, etc., all of which fall out of her mouth without filtration through "the better angels" of her nature. We've butted heads on that score several times recently. So far, nobody's been murdered.

P.P.P.P.P.S. - So far.

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I lost my filters when I passed 65.