Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catching up and moving out

Work has been kinda nuts the past two months with several get-it-done-yesterday-or-people-will-die projects, changing Production procedures, and the stress of the impending move from our current built-for-us building to one of the oldest (and rattiest) buildings on campus (which one of our instructors called "the dungeon"). OK, it's really not that bad, particularly the first floor which has been remodeled and cleaned up a bit. We're still going to be crammed in there, and I'm still going to be in a long room full of cubicles with 11 other people, but....Well, it is what it is, and we'll just deal with it. It sucks. But I emptied the last of my personal chit outta my nice office at the nice building Friday, so that's that.

I report for a weird first day at the "new" building Monday. The movers are starting at 7a.m. and I expect it'll take them all morning to load the first batch (including my stuff), so I might have a chair and computer after lunch. Ditto all my workmates. I'll probably run around plugging everybody in, then get set up in my own little cube. Not sure what I'll do with myself all morning--maybe check out what's changed in the surrounding area since I worked in the building 20 yards away from our "new" digs, pick up my keys if they're ready, and get in the way of movers and construction guys, no doubt.

Even our Big Dog is hoping this will last only a year or two. We're going to be so crowded, it's ridiculous.

On the kitty front, our three seem to have settled into mutual tolerance. All of them will eat in pairs, as long as there's an empty food bowl between their two "working" bowls. Sammi (our oldest) and Annabelle (our young refugee) sometimes play chase with each other; and Sammi, after observing Annabelle playing with her pink shoelace, has rediscovered the Joy of String. Annabelle, who never went outside while she was with her previous person, has made a few brief forays into the outside world. The first two were basically a cautious sniff-sniff-OK-that's-enough-lemme-back-in, but yesterday, she discovered something in the grass or dirt or the neighbor's fence that sent her completely around the bend. She rolled & rubbed & slid all over the place--mostly in the dirt--clawing at the fence with her wee little hooks. Something sure got her high! She rolled around so much, her white coat was just covered with dirt...and it's still a bit on the tan side, even after we wiped off a layer or three. Finally, she entered the paranoid stage of intoxication and ran back into the house. What a nut!

Minnie still skirts around Sammi like she's afraid of her--what nonsense. And she hisses at Annabelle regularly. But I've seen her and Annabelle hide on either side of a wall and stage a whap-fest around the corner, so she ain't foolin' me. At some point, maybe those two will share a peace pipe and calm will reign in the house. Or not.

I bought some clay and tools awhile back, but haven't touched them yet. Just haven't been "up" for it--been kinda flat instead. Maybe after the move is over and things have calmed down at work.

What else has been happening? Oh, yes, Sister A. had an absolutely miserable winter having one fit of endolymphatic hydrops after another (it's like Meniere's disease, but on steroids). In Feb., we finally got an appointment with the doctor who treated her in the first place 12 years ago or thereabouts, and started treatments with ear drops that are intended to kill the labyrinth in her right ear (which is the trouble spot) and force her left ear to take over all balance duties, thus putting an end (we hope) to these bad vertigo spells. She had a hearing test recently, but hasn't made as much progress as we'd hoped, so we got another round of drops from the doc and are continuing treatment. And in the middle of treatment, her doctor had to retire suddenly (Parkinson's--yikes), so she's rather in limbo, because there's no other doctor in this town qualified to treat her. Yay, huh? All we can do is keep doing the drops and hope it works. If she needs surgery at some point in the future, it'll have to be out of town somewhere.

With the arrival of my tax refund this year, we had some work done on the house--little bits here and there, mostly, but we also moved a faucet in the backyard to a more accessible spot, swapped out four ceiling fans from our original round of remodeling that had proved to be a disappointment, and updated all the outlets to three-prongs (because this is, like, the 21st century & stuff). The bill came up well shy of our available funds, so we also had our favorite handyman fix the leaky patio cover and give it a better slope. It looks much better now, and next time it rains (if ever!), the water should run off properly.

And that's about all.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

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