Monday, January 14, 2013

Cat Needs Home!

This big, beautiful cat has been hanging around our house for a while now and really needs a home. Unfortunately, as much as I would love to adopt him, I can’t do it because Sister  A. has been sick a lot lately, and since I’m still working outside the home and she’s not, she already has the lion’s share of the work taking care of our three cats. So it's not fair to ask her to take on another cat. But it's breaking my heart to leave him outside with the weather so cold. If I had a big yard with a shed or old garage to set up a warm sleeping place and food...well, then I'd be feeding every stray and feral in the neighborhood again, and we just don't have the room or "facilities" for that.

We’ve been calling him Big Boy.  He’s an intact male who has definitely been with people before and desperately wants a home. He’s a creamy white Siamese-and-longhaired-something mix with light marmalade points, has light-blue eyes (crossed), a soft mew (although fairly chatty), and a very sweet disposition. I don’t know how old he is, but he’s got a full ruff, so he’s an adult, anyway.

He jumped up in my lap and started kneading while I was taking his picture. I've put up a flyer at work and told everyone that I will GLADLY pay to have him neutered if someone will please give this lovebug a forever home.

Isn't he just gorgeous??

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Susan Greene said...

He's a handsome fellow for sure. It's so astonishing that such beautiful cats end up stray and unhomed.