Sunday, October 14, 2012

Slacker Sunday

Work stuff

So it's been over a month since I blogged--so sue me. There's been plenty going on, but a lot of it has been work, work, and more work, after which I'm tuckered out. Things are calming down a bit now--we've got a Production schedule all nicely written up & agreed to by all parties, and hopefully  everybody will stick to it in future, instead of promising things to people that aren't anywhere near ready yet. That would be a nice change in our operating policy. I get the feeling that, over the past month or so, my boss has directed a great many reality checks to the Big Dogs and other manager-types who tend to do all that unfounded promising.

Cats and art stuff

A few weeks ago, Sister A's friend, Audrey, brought her Gram (Annabelle's former owner) to visit Annabelle (and us, incidentally). It's been nearly six months since we adopted our little refugee so, of course, Annabelle didn't remember Gram and hid in A's closet, freaked out by strangers. But Gram understood. We did have some kitty action, though--Sammi sauntered in for friendly petting after a while. Minnie, of course, vanished completely, the big chicken.

A. took Audrey on a tour of the house (she was the inspiration for many of our design choices, particularly painting the various rooms different colors instead of all off-white, as we boring folk tend to do). Audrey is an artist, and when A. told her about our plan to paint my boring beige nightstand lamp so it wouldn't fade into the wall, she jumped all over that project! Out came our leftover paints and my small brushes, and she just stood in our utility room for an hour or so and whipped out this lovely transformation:

Et voilĂ --an Audrey Sullivan original. :) At Audrey's direction, A. gave the lamp base four coats of satin clear spray, to give it a soft shine. I colored the trim on the lampshade with a stain stick later after A. and I decided we'd probably gum up the proposed hot-glue-&-ribbon trim Audrey suggested.

I wish I could just whip out beautiful art like that. I used to be an artist (well, I drew a lot), but all I do these days is customize digital clip-art and maps for instructional documents at work. Oh, well, hand-drawing is kinda hit-&-miss with my hand tremor, anyway. At least cross-stitch doesn't require precision.

Sewing stuff

A. has been plying her needle with various small projects. She just finished a blue-checked apron with a lot of gathers to protect her shirt buttons from being sawed off by constant side-to-side motion while standing at the sink washing dishes (the edge of the countertop is beveled, which was the cheapest option, and we had only so many bucks to spend on our kitchen-and-floor remodel). Before the apron, she made herself a rather colorful muu-muu! That's four different seersucker fabrics and a bit of rickrack on the pockets. :)

And other stuff

My old office chair (that is, the chair at my desk at home, not the one at my place of employment) has developed a banshee-like shriek whenever I sit in it, so I decided that it was probably permissible, after 10 years, to replace the thing with something quieter. A. didn't want something that looked high-tech--that is, with chrome everywhere, so I figured black plastic base and brown fabric would do well enough. Then we saw this yummy leather Broyhill chair for really not too bad a price....

It has wooden arms and legs like a regular piece of furniture and looks great in the den. I hearts it. :)

I'm flushed from putting the chair together. I flush easily.
And, yes, that is a mouse on the floor behind my chair. Kitty toys abound in our house!