Monday, August 27, 2012

Kwazy Kats and colds

There are times when I wish I had a videocamera (or digicam, or whatever the heck the cool people call 'em these days). Annabelle, our newest kitty--the youngest of our brood at 6 years old--appears to be reliving her kittenhood. She loves to zoom through the utility room, kitchen, and dining room, her little feet clattering on the cork flooring like a very tiny racehorse. We think she likes the sound (in addition to just having the zoomies). Every now & then she'll stop and bat a mouse around, but mostly, when she gets in this mood, she'll just run around like a nut.

I'm home to watch Her Silliness today because I have a beast of a cold, and I've had it for over a week now, so it's getting really old. Minnie (our middle cat at 7 years old, and mine before our household "fusion") has been very nice about cuddling up on the couch and in bed with me despite my frequent snorts, honks, huffs, coughs, gasps, and nose-blowings that put a semi's air-horn to shame. Purr therapy is very valuable to one's morale, as all cat people know. Alas, it does nothing for nasal congestion, but there you are--ya can't have everything. Sammi, our eldest (at 8 years), has also been very nice to me, not to mention terribly cute when she sleeps on my dresser with her head pillowed on my little Serta sheep.

I did actually work last week--for three whole days--and managed to get caught up on a lot of little jobs, as well as make progress on a bigger one. But I felt like crap yesterday, and slightly less crappy crap today, so since I have the luxury of sick leave, thank goodness....

Extra time with the kitties is almost worth all the snottiness.