Saturday, June 16, 2012

Desert willows

When our brother was fixing up his old house to sell, he described part of the work this way:

Let me learn y'all all about foundation repair.
First: Get a work crew out to your house.
Second: Take a bunch of pictures.
Third: Hand the foreman your credit card.

Curiously, that's also how you plant new trees! Isn't it a small world?!

Sister A. was on hand with her trusty camera when the tree guys arrived Thursday, despite her awful cold (which she has since generously shared with me--yay).

The tree guys arrive.

A big-a$$ augur starts drilling the first hole.

The tree guys fine-tune the first hole while the augur gets to work on the second. They ran into some pretty tough roots in the first hole from the old sycamore we had cut down in that spot, but they got through 'em.

Digging the perfect hole.

The tree guys start unloading our new desert willows.

This old sycamore hole needs a little more fine-tuning...with a big ol' pick.

The white-flowering desert willow waits by its new home.

(Left) Planting the first willow, then (right) covering up its feet. The tree isn't as tall as it looks here; there's a large tree across the street that happened to land right behind our desert willow when the photo was taken. The desert willow has lighter green leaves, so you can sorta separate them that way.

Planting the second desert willow. This one has purple flowers, although they mostly got knocked off during the planting process. A. says they bloom all summer, so there will be more.

Two happy trees! That little white blob in the front door is Annabelle, who snoopervised the entire operation.

The head tree guy we spoke with the previous Monday says desert willows will eventually have a canopy that covers most of the yard, but it won't kill our grass because the leaves are more sparse. And we've had good rains the past two nights--a real rarity here and a great welcome-home for our new trees!

Sister A. loves them--she said it's like being back at Girl Scout camp!


Katnip Lounge said...

They are fantastic! They grow really quickly. We've found we like to prune ours back every third year, it keeps the canopy nice and lush.

las794 said...

Great idea, thanks!

AttieCattie said...

wow you guys neber stop working and making improvements around teh house.