Sunday, June 10, 2012

Annabelle's 90-day evaluation

So, our refugee has been with us for three months now, and we think she has decided that it was a good move.

We've found out a lot about her in the past 90 days. She has terrible sinus drip-type allergies. Her eyes run 90 percent of the time and they spill over whenever she is moving--which is most of the time! The phlegm that collects in her throat while she sleeps frequently causes problems when she wakes up. She won't blow her nose properly and doesn't want to hawk and spit as that is too unladylike. So she just coughs and coughs and it frequently makes her throw up. Once that nasty old phlegm is out, she's ready to conquer the world. So we have to keep our eyes open for thrown-up kibble, and clean tear-stains off the walls, windows sills, windows, and lots of other stuff where they land when she's flying around the house.

A rare inactive moment, keeping Mom company at breakfast.
She also pees little teeny-weeny ladylike amounts--often. That's okay, but she appears to think that she needs a backhoe, or its equivalent, to cover up all excreta. She flings litter all over the floor and you have to keep a small hand broom at the ready to sweep it out of your way before you can approach the litter box to empty it. Otherwise, you track it all over the house on the bottom of your shoes. The kitties all do enough of this tracking already.

Annabelle likes to scratch on the walls, woodwork, and the slats underneath Sister A's mattress. This last usually happens at Oh, Lord! o'clock in the morning. Her little claws don't make a dent in the walls or woodwork. They're just too tiny and she's not powerful enough to make marks. Luckily, she has learned to scratch her claws on the treadmill deck or on the braid rug in the dining room. Both work for her and we can handle that, since she never does any damage.

Annabelle has chosen A. for her "mom", probably because A. is home all day most every day. Also, she likes to sleep in A's bed on her feet. Sammi sleeps in the tree or next to the pillow on A's bed.

Sammi and Annabelle are trying to become friends. Annabelle wants Sammi to play chase with her, but so far, it hasn't happened. They spend most of their "together" time just sitting and staring at each other.

All of this just describes her physical nature. None of it gives the tiniest clue to her ultra-sweet personality and lovableness. This is one kitty who is a top-notch ankle-winder! And if you are gone from the house for more than five minutes, she will rub all over your feet again and again as if you'd been gone for weeks! She works herself up into such a frenzy that she'll try to give you love bites.

There has been no progress in relations between Annabelle and Minnie--Minnie still hisses at her in passing and sometimes tries to whap her if they happen to get too close together. But Annabelle has decided that she's just going to do her own thing and if the other kitties get bent out of shape, she'll lie down and act submissive until her opponent cools off.

Annabelle does the funniest mid-air "pirouette" when startled--A. had told me about it, and I finally got to see it yesterday. It's like, instead of turning around at ground level, she leaps a foot in the air and lands facing the opposite direction, then scrambles off like her tail's on fire! And her silly play with mice, string, twists of fabric, and her own tail and feet make us think she's reliving her kittenhood. The only thing kittenish thing she doesn't do is climb the drapes--thank goodness!

And it turns out she's not necessarily scared of men, after all. She stayed for a sniff of the tree man when he came inside last Monday, although she didn't let him pet her. Well, that would be rather forward for a ladycat of such delicate sensibilities, now wouldn't it?

We are so glad we took this little mite into our lives. She adds so much more love than her tiny size would predict.


Katnip Lounge said...

What a love bug! Big smiles for Annabelle.

Have you talked to your vet about zyrtec for her? I've heard it works well for allergies.

Carol James said...

She looks beautiful and a bit fat(I think)

las794 said...

Yep, she's a bit on the chubby side. We're watching her intake these days, both to control her weight and to cut back on her habit of eating too much too fast and urping it back up.