Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

My dad, "SMITH, G.W.", as it says on his well-decorated helmet. He was in the Navy during World War II, on the U.S.S. Portland. He got to come home at the end of the war, fortunately. In fact, he was so eager to get outta there that when he got his walking papers, he left that fancy helmet on the ship!

Wow, he was so skinny then. Guess we all were, once!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


We had another milestone today. Annabelle likes to sit on newspapers, and today Sister A. happened to have papers in her Annabelle just hopped on up there.

Looks like one happy kitty. :) She got back in A's lap later, too--this time without the added incentive of sitting on newspapers.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A first...and a second!

On two occasions recently--two! count 'em!--Sister A. has woken up with both Annabelle and Sammi sleeping in her bed. Sammi was up by A's head (her usual spot, before Annabelle arrived) and Annabelle was down by A's feet (her usual spot). This is a wonderful milestone for those two.

Today while we were at PetSmart, I lobbied for an "ess" scratcher for Annabelle. We hope this will interest her more than A's favorite chair, which is much too old to take such abuse. I sat with her for a bit while she explored the ess (we're starting it in the sewing room, which is still pretty much Annabelle's territory). While she didn't actually scratch on the thing, she did have fun with the feather toy dangling from under one "wave" of the ess. Here she is, being a total cutie.