Saturday, April 28, 2012

Minnie's new friend

My rather asocial cat Minnie appears to have made a friend in the neighborhood--a longhaired gray kitty (gender indeterminate at the moment) has been hanging around with Minnie, mostly in the evenings, for at least a week now. They sit quietly together and even go places in the 'hood together. Here they are relaxing in the back yard.

Gray Kitty is one of the "jingle bell kids" I've met; he/she and two other cats have little bells on their collars, so somebody's taking care of them. (The other two cats are quite young shorthairs, one bold enough to come get a headrub from me once.) GK has what looks like a scab on its tail near the base, with fur missing around it; whatever kind of boo-boo it was, I think it's healing. GK is a skinny, skittish little thing, but he/she tolerated me being outside with him/her and Minnie on the patio for several a safe distance, of course.

It's nice to see Minnie being relaxed with somekitty!

Please ignore mom's pasty white knee.


Katie Isabella said...

Oh what a cheerful and really wonderful bloggie and seeing everybuddy is so nices. I love that beautiful girl of yours and Mr Gray...very handsome. (or pretty as the case may be).

Shaggy and Scout said...

Thank you so very much for stopping by with sympathies for Scooby. It was so sudden and my heart is broken but healing with the good memories I cherish of him.

Gray kitty visitor is quite good looking. We have an outside cat named Zolie (a female I had spayed last summer after she presented me with several litters over the course of a couple years!) She & Scooby used to be companionable like that.
-----and Sammy & Annibelle!!!! WOW!