Sunday, March 11, 2012

Expecting Kitty No.3

Remember this little girl? I talked about her before. Her person, Gram, was doing better for a while, but, unfortunately, she's not able to live in her own home anymore and has returned to the nursing home. So her kitty, Annabelle, whom Sister A. & I agreed to adopt, will definitely be coming our way soon. We thought it would be this weekend, but stuff happened (as it will), so Annabelle's "gotcha day" has been put off until next weekend. Poor little thing, the few days Gram was at home, Annabelle slept on the foot of Gram's bed every night. I know she must have missed her mommy. She'll need lots of good lovin's after she moves here.

The timing of this furry acquisition could have been better--we have some plans a couple of weeks hence that we can't cancel--but it'll all work out in time.

We don't know much more about her yet, except that she uses a hooded litterbox. Minnie never took to that contraption, but Sammi will doubtless sample it (after we let her meet the newbie, that is).

Taking bets now as to whether all three kitties will get along, fight, go two against one, or just hide under the beds....

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