Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clean bill of health

The vet gave Annabelle a clean bill of health yesterday--no infections, no fever, no diseases, got all her shots, and everything's cookin' the way it should. He said she's a little chubby, particularly in the hindquarters (ain't we all?), but that's it. The brown stuff in her eye discharge was probably just dirt, and the runny eye itself is most likely a blocked tear duct, which is no threat to her health. She did wash her face yesterday morning before the vet visit and her eyes looked a lot better afterward, but we thought she should be checked anyway. We're glad to know she's OK.

Of course, she totally hates us now, or at least doesn't quite trust us not to whisk her off to the vet again, but she'll get over it...eventually. In the meantime, she's hiding in the closet.

Before the vet trip, she gave Sister A. an opportunity to catch her playing with A's shoelaces. :)


Katie Isabella said...

My sisfur who came beforte me NEVER EVER got over being swept off to the v-e-t. If mom even changed to a pair of jeans and took her hair down from a pont=y tail (before leaving the house) Admiral just knew she was going to the Vet so she hid..even though mommy wasn't even thinking about it.

Katie Isabella said...

sorry for the typos. PONY tail. My goodness.

las794 said...

It's hard to type with fuzzy paws. ;)