Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Annabelle & Co.

It turns out that the ooze from Annabelle's left eye is actually brown--ick! So she'll be going to the vet tomorrow morning. While she's there, if it doesn't interfere with treatment for goopy-eye, she'll be getting her shots (which, as it turns out, she hasn't had for a couple of years) & tests for FIV, etc. So she oughta hate us completely after all that. Fortunately, kitty memories are short--she'll get over it.

Annabelle sure has settled in with Sister A.! She's been here all of three nights and has spent the last two on A's bed. Sammi, A's usual bedmate, is highly incensed, although she did get to be with A. for a little while yesterday evening...until she spied Annabelle's little tail coming around the bed. Then Sammi bolted and Annabelle took over.

Minnie woke me up way too early this morning growling at something. It's been awhile since she sent any prolonged growls Sammi's way, so I suspect Annabelle wandered in at that point. No fights ensued, however, so that's good.

During the days, Annabelle has been living in Sister A's closet. At least it's roomier than the space under the cedar chest. A. said she did come out to knock a toy mouse around this morning. Apparently, she's a champion mouse-whapper!

Minnie, not to be outdone in the hunting department, killed a bird and left its corpus delicti on the patio. It probably isn't connected with the "intruder," though--she's just a Mighty Huntress and the bird happened to bop into her target zone.

Our catsitter came by this afternoon to meet the new kid and renew her acquaintance with the older kitties. She's really good, and I'm sure everything will be fine, but I'll probably worry anyway, especially with Annabelle's eye like it is.

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