Friday, March 23, 2012

Let's play!

Had to pass along this Facebook post from Sister A.:

"Annabelle came out of hiding last night and batted the ball around all over my bedroom floor, underneath the bed and everywhere she could think of. She never left my room, but played like crazy before bunking down with me happily."

And I actually clapped eyes on her this morning as she scurried from the sewing room (where her litterbox is) back to A's bedroom. She poked her little head out the door once she was "safe."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clean bill of health

The vet gave Annabelle a clean bill of health yesterday--no infections, no fever, no diseases, got all her shots, and everything's cookin' the way it should. He said she's a little chubby, particularly in the hindquarters (ain't we all?), but that's it. The brown stuff in her eye discharge was probably just dirt, and the runny eye itself is most likely a blocked tear duct, which is no threat to her health. She did wash her face yesterday morning before the vet visit and her eyes looked a lot better afterward, but we thought she should be checked anyway. We're glad to know she's OK.

Of course, she totally hates us now, or at least doesn't quite trust us not to whisk her off to the vet again, but she'll get over it...eventually. In the meantime, she's hiding in the closet.

Before the vet trip, she gave Sister A. an opportunity to catch her playing with A's shoelaces. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Annabelle & Co.

It turns out that the ooze from Annabelle's left eye is actually brown--ick! So she'll be going to the vet tomorrow morning. While she's there, if it doesn't interfere with treatment for goopy-eye, she'll be getting her shots (which, as it turns out, she hasn't had for a couple of years) & tests for FIV, etc. So she oughta hate us completely after all that. Fortunately, kitty memories are short--she'll get over it.

Annabelle sure has settled in with Sister A.! She's been here all of three nights and has spent the last two on A's bed. Sammi, A's usual bedmate, is highly incensed, although she did get to be with A. for a little while yesterday evening...until she spied Annabelle's little tail coming around the bed. Then Sammi bolted and Annabelle took over.

Minnie woke me up way too early this morning growling at something. It's been awhile since she sent any prolonged growls Sammi's way, so I suspect Annabelle wandered in at that point. No fights ensued, however, so that's good.

During the days, Annabelle has been living in Sister A's closet. At least it's roomier than the space under the cedar chest. A. said she did come out to knock a toy mouse around this morning. Apparently, she's a champion mouse-whapper!

Minnie, not to be outdone in the hunting department, killed a bird and left its corpus delicti on the patio. It probably isn't connected with the "intruder," though--she's just a Mighty Huntress and the bird happened to bop into her target zone.

Our catsitter came by this afternoon to meet the new kid and renew her acquaintance with the older kitties. She's really good, and I'm sure everything will be fine, but I'll probably worry anyway, especially with Annabelle's eye like it is.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New kitty Annabelle is home

We were finally able to pick up Annabelle yesterday. She was hiding in the bathroom, meowing in distress, when we got to her person's house (empty, since Gram is now in a nursing home). Sister A. eased in there with her, and it didn't take long for Annabelle to emerge and start rubbing all over A.! That certainly made it easier to scoop her up and bring her to the carrier, where we popped her in without too much trouble. She howled all the way home, of course (Minnie and Sammi do the same whenever they have to ride in the car).

Minnie met us at the garage door--I'm sure both our resident kitties heard the caterwauling!--and immediately hissed at the new arrival and ran off. Sammi got her first look at the "prisoner" as we carried her into the hallway--she just stared at Annabelle like she was a three-headed alien. She made her manners today, though...and they were bad, of course, with hissing and growling.

We got her set up in the sewing room with her own food bowl, kibble, litterbox, and litter. The litterbox had seen better days--it cracked along the edge while I was washing it out--so we got her another one today (sans hood), along with two new ceramic bowls and a Kickeroo. She had no toys or bed of her own, so she's starting pretty much fresh at her new home.

After getting Annabelle situated, we both sat down on the floor of the sewing room (door shut against nosy-parkers) and she wound back & forth between us, bonking our hands and just soaking up the lovin's. After a little bit, she started purring, and even lay down & made a few air-biscuits. We left her to rest, then, and when we came back later, we found her curled up behind the floor-to-ceiling curtains, sound asleep, nothing but a little white fuzz showing under the curtain hem. We let her sleep and checked on her later.

She did pretty well last night in the sewing room--pooped, ate, drank water, and climbed around on the furniture a bit. Sister A. heard her crying about 6:30 a.m. and went in with her for a while.

This morning, after the "big kitties" went outside, we opened the door of the sewing room and waited to see if Annabelle cared to emerge and explore the rest of the house. She didn't seem too hip on the idea at first. Sammi came to the sewing room door at one point, and that's when she got all rude, then left in a feline huff.

It took quite a while before Annabelle got up the courage to explore, but at last she did, carefully poking around in Sister A's bedroom and the hall bathroom (rooms on either side of the sewing room). That was about all the stimulation she could take, so I closed the door again so she could rest. Sister A's in there now, doing her computer-ing and, no doubt, socializing our little refugee.

I got a few pix while Annabelle was wandering around. I also managed to get a good close-up of her eyes, which seem to be a bit runny. I managed to swipe a bit of the runniness with my thumb and gave it a sniff; it didn't smell like pus (or, indeed, anything), so maybe it's OK. But you experienced kitty folks out there might enlarge that last photo and see what you think.

I'm a little concerned about the stuff around her eyes....
Annable is really going to be a sweetie once she settles down. She's about six years old and on the small side, with a curiously short tail, but maybe that's a proportion thing. She also has shortish whiskers. Calico, obviously, with yummy dense fur that feels like a plush teddy bear.

UPDATE: Annabelle has found the perfect hiding space--one that no other kitty in the house can possibly fit into. Here she is squeezed under the cedar chest:

 The gap in back is larger than this, thank goodness!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Expecting Kitty No.3

Remember this little girl? I talked about her before. Her person, Gram, was doing better for a while, but, unfortunately, she's not able to live in her own home anymore and has returned to the nursing home. So her kitty, Annabelle, whom Sister A. & I agreed to adopt, will definitely be coming our way soon. We thought it would be this weekend, but stuff happened (as it will), so Annabelle's "gotcha day" has been put off until next weekend. Poor little thing, the few days Gram was at home, Annabelle slept on the foot of Gram's bed every night. I know she must have missed her mommy. She'll need lots of good lovin's after she moves here.

The timing of this furry acquisition could have been better--we have some plans a couple of weeks hence that we can't cancel--but it'll all work out in time.

We don't know much more about her yet, except that she uses a hooded litterbox. Minnie never took to that contraption, but Sammi will doubtless sample it (after we let her meet the newbie, that is).

Taking bets now as to whether all three kitties will get along, fight, go two against one, or just hide under the beds....