Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's CURTAINS for you!

Sister A. finished the last of the drapes last night. This is a ridiculously huge project--curtains for every major room in the house--that she set for herself shortly after we bought the new house. We had picked colors to repaint the various rooms, and in a moment of insanity, A. volunteered to make drapes for the entire house. So then we went even more bananas picking out way-spiffy fabrics for the drapes. This is what she picked for her room:

White striped damask with big peonies and greenery to go with her green wall color. And last night, in a burst of industry, A. finished this last set of drapes. Et voila!

Trés spifferoo, huh? And with this last set of drapes, everything we wanted to do to the inside of the house is DONE.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A genuine white Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I have photographic proof that we do occasionally have a white Christmas around here....

The crepe myrtles were covered with white blobs this morning.
The neighbor's pine tree.
Snow-laced trees across the street from us.
Grumpy old man with beard? Devoted sentinel? Wicked Witch's henchman?
More lacy trees.
We've had a lovely Christmas day, with an exchange of stockings, oatmeal with raisins for breakfast, a cherry pie waiting on the oven while dinner cooks, and general laziness all around. And, of course, chocolate!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Never shop while punchy

Replacing my queen bed with a full bed back in July, during the Big Remodel, was a reasonable decision--the queen-size sleigh bed I'd bought for a larger bedroom in my old house was way too big for my smaller bedroom in this house. The bed I bought to replace it, however, was not such a hot decision. We were exhausted with work and lack of sleep at the time we bought that cheap thing and probably should not have been driving, much less shopping for furniture. Oh well, live & learn. Less than half a year later, the no-name mattress already has a sizeable dip in the center. The headboard, of course, was shit from the get-go.

Well, I spotted (online) an all-wood bedframe on sale at what I consider the best furniture store in town. We went to have a look at its construction. It's a good, sturdy bedframe, what they call a panel bed--I guess because the head- and footboards are basically square with basically square designs on 'em. It looked great in the store; it looks even better in my bedroom.

Sammy snoopervised the bed-changing process, of course. Minnie was hiding in the den.

The new bedframe is very close to matching the nightstand and dresser I bought with the queen sleigh bed; the n. & d. are just a little bit redder. Close enough for gub'mint work.

Now all I gotta do is find a sale on a good mattress (top only; I can still use the crappy set's box spring), then I'll be happy.

In kitty news, Gram is doing better and was moved to a nursing home a few days ago, so Annabelle may get to keep her person for a while longer. I know Gram is hoping to move back home soon. We're rubbing our lucky kitty feet for her continued improvement, but we've told her daughter and granddaughter that we'll still be here for Annabelle if/when necessary.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our little refugee

We're getting an addition to our household soon, and we won't even have to hire a handyman for it. This one is short and fuzzy and upset right now that her person has disappeared. Meet Annabelle.

Annabelle with her person, "Gram".

Look at that silly face!

She belongs to the grandmother of one of Sister A's friends. The grandmother is in the hospital and it's not looking good for her, so she's worried sick about her kitty. The granddaughter contacted A., describing Annabelle as "a sweet little kitty....She is a smart girl ~ doesn't care too much for men. ;-) ...She's an indoor/outdoor ladies' cat, litter trained and a true snuggler." She's also been spayed and is caught up on her shots.

A. and I talked about it, and we decided to take Annabelle in. I know Sammi would like a playmate (Minnie still interprets her chasing as aggression). We would love for either of our kitties to have a cuddle-mate. We hope the interactions of our trio won't morph into a huge, jealousy-charged cat fight. There's no way to tell how this will go, but we've got room and we'd like to help this little girl. I don't know when Annabelle will arrive, but it'll probably be soon.

We're going to start her out in the sewing room and try to introduce everyone gradually. Wish us luck!