Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Stick a fork in me, I'm DONE."

When we ordered the new Silestone countertops from Home Depot, we were told delivery would take as long as 4-6 weeks, but we got the call that they had arrived at Home Depot well before the four-week mark--yay! We scheduled installation for the following Monday (the 10th) and the countertop guys whipped through the job in a couple of hours. First, Handy Frank came by to pull out the old sink and the last remnants of the fake-butcher-block laminate. Then the counter guys put up a ledger board to support the Silestone over the trash-&-recycle space.

Then the smaller bits of countertop were installed on either side of the stove....

And here's one of the counter guys working on the big section, cutting the hole for the sink....

(I'm sure our neighbors have been lovin' us to bits during all this.)

Then the big piece went in--or, rather, big pieces, because they had to do this long stretch in two parts. But the seam barely shows.

The counter guys popped the sink in to see if it fit, and we could see how good the finished counter would look.

Handy Frank came back later to hook up the sink, but he didn't have a spot in his schedule right then to do the rest of it, so we had to wait a few days before he could tile the backsplash and do the other last little bits of work we managed to find for him. We were a little worried about the backsplash tile after it was up--it looked kinda dark--but after Frank put the white grout on...oh, my, yes.  :)

It's finished. It's gorgeous. We love it. And now the whole project is DONE.


Tober the Cat said...

Yay! That looks fantastic! (Says my AAB, me being a Cat and not caring about humanly things and all.)

Headbumps anyhow!


Susan said...

Ah, I am jealous. This is beautiful. Enjoy!

TMarie said...

Very beautiful! Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, that is stunningly beautiful. Good job! ;-)

Lol, is that a cookie jar on the end?

las794 said...

Yep, that's Alley's ancient cookie jar--alas, not filled with cookies, but with gum packets. :)