Saturday, October 1, 2011


My bedroom at the old house was bigger than my bedroom at the house my sister and I share now. Until April 2010, I didn't know I'd be downsizing. In fact, I had reason to expect an even larger bedroom in my future shared digs with Sis. We had planned for a long time that, after her hubby pooped off (he's a lot older than she is), we'd throw in together--I would move into her big house in the little town where she lived and take up residence in hubby's old room, which is ridiculously big.

So, about a year prior to April 2010, I decided to pop for a queen bedroom set, because I needed the storage of the dresser and tall chest of drawers, and I like to stretch my legs in bed. Also, I had room for bigger furniture then and would still have room for it in the future. So I got it. Not just any queen bed, though--a freakin' sleigh bed! Talk about fancy! Here it is at the old house:

Big & tall & curvy & not one squeak outta the frame. (I hate squeaky bedframes--they wake me up.) I loved it.

Then life happened, and Sister A. and I wound up buying a house together here in my neck o' the woods instead of hers, and while there were a couple of houses we looked at that had a large bedroom for me, they didn't work for us in other respects.

This house we picked is just right for us. But my bedroom is quite a bit smaller than my old one. There was no room for my tall chest of drawers from the fancy bedroom set; it went into the den immediately for storage duty there. I could just shoehorn the rest of my furniture--big dresser, nightstand, and the monster queen sleigh bed--into my bedroom, but there wasn't much walking space around the bed. Still, I had just bought that set, and I loved my bed, and I was determined to keep it.

During our recent remodel, though, when we had to move every stick of furniture at some point, I finally admitted that my dang bed was too dang big for my dang bedroom. So, dang it, let's sell it and get a more compact, full-size bed.

Here's how much floorspace I had with the queen bed (note the amount of rug showing):

And here's the new, smaller bed, with smaller headboard, and a lot more rug showing:

It makes quite a lot of difference. I don't have to crab-walk between the bed and the dresser anymore--I can just walk in and pull out drawers like a person. And I can walk straight across my bedroom from the bathroom to the window without detouring around the end of the bed. Minnie has a little longer jump from the bed to the dresser, but she can make it. Alas, she can no longer jump from the foot of the bed to her cat tree at the far end of the window, but I expect she'll manage.

The headboard looks nice, although it's made of shit particle board and printed vinyl "veneer". It goes pretty well with the dresser and nightstand from the queen set. The mattress is comfortable, the plain metal Hollywood frame & cheap headboard don't squeak after they're screwed together tightly, plus I've got room to walk around now, so that's what counts.

It's just not as purty.

(Yes, I know, I'm a spoiled little baby.)


Alley said...

I had *nothing* to do with this decision. I had asked about the possibility a long time ago when we first moved in, but having been told all was well, I dropped it. We will be on the lookout for a better quality headboard in the future. Sister A

Anonymous said...

How nice to have more space! I have been pretty happy with my full-size bed and mission-style frame. Of course, my feet dangle over the end unless I sleep diagonally, but watcha gonna do? I have yet to see a Full XL anywhere. I wonder what basketball players sleep on...

TMarie said...

It's difficult to downsize when are used to the larger stuff, but it looks nice. I like all your remodeling pictures!