Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Progress, a snag, more progress, another snag

The kitchen cabinets are done, fabulous, and even have some of our wayward supplies in 'em! Here are the south and north banks, respectively:

Notice the fashionable countertops--three sheets of cardboard strapped together with packing tape. They're surprisingly sturdy! The countertop template guy is coming next Tuesday to measure for the real thing, but these stand-ins will do just fine until the real countertops arrive.

Pardon the lousy pix--I didn't realize how dusty the camera lens was, plus I had to shoot from the doorways today because the flooring guys are working in the dining area. YAY! That red stuff on the floor is underlayment.

You may notice that there's a gap at the top of the cabinets; that's because Sister A. is a shrimp vertically challenged and needs the wall cabinets to start no higher than 15" over the base cabinets; otherwise, she wouldn't be able to reach more than one shelf without a stepstool. So the cabinets didn't go up as high as expected. We're going to have Handy Frank add a sort of border above the crown molding that'll go straight up to the ceiling, painted the same color as the cabinets. Frank & A. held a "cabinet meeting" while the installer finished his last little bits.

That was all Tuesday. I took off work Tuesday to help move stuff from room to room for the flooring guys, who were scheduled to start that day. We moved our first little bits into the den and the guys got to work, but then they ran into a roadblock--they found more of the old linoleum and black mastic under the carpet in A's bedroom and the sewing room. The company says it's got asbestos in it, so all work had to stop until the flippin' lino was out. They wouldn't even pull up the rest of the carpet! Thank goodness, they did move the furniture out of those two rooms (and into my now very crowded den). After they were safely away in their non-asbestos-breathing bureaucracy, A. and I ripped up the rest of the carpet in both rooms and I learned how to pry up carpet tack. Golly, what fun that was. But we got 'er done. We left the lino for Frank to scrape up; we didn't have the tools (or the oomphs) for it.

We were totally dead by the time Frank came to scrape up the lino for us, take out huge heavy buckets of carpet tack and other trash, put up the microwave, and fight with the sink connections. That lasted until nearly 9pm. We fell into bed the minute he was out the door. And, oh holy crap, were we sore!

Alley's bed, of course, was no longer in her bedroom--she's camping in the den until her room is finished.

Today, there wasn't anything I could help with, so I went to work to sleep get things done there. Here on the home front, the flooring guys started work, and had even put down underlayment and a couple rows of boards in A's bedroom, when they ran into another problem: the concrete slab floor wasn't level. So they had to pour thinset (cement) to level it off, and, of course, drying it all took time (especially because it's humid today). They found the same problem in the sewing room and kitchen/dining area; more thinset, more drying time. Finally, they were able to get started laying cork in the dining area/kitchen sometime after I got home from work. At this writing, it's after 8pm, and they're still at it. But we'll have a finished kitchen and dining area tonight, by gum!

During all the work today, my bedroom somehow got turned into a supply depot for doors, underlayment, and bits of flooring:

I sincerely hope there'll be somewhere else to put that stuff before I hit the hay.

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