Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kitchen cabinets and all floors DONE

The kitchen cabinets and all the floors in the house were actually finished last Saturday--a week ago--but we've been so completely dead since then, catching up on our sleep, I haven't gotten around to putting up pix until now. The week before last was grueling. The flooring guys worked hard and long to make up time lost avoiding contact with the scary asbestos-containing linoleum (or the black "cut-back" mastic under it, or both--I forget the final verdict or whether there ever was one). Wednesday, Thursday, Friday were all late nights for them, but Saturday was the worst--they didn't finish until nearly 1 am. But then, thankfully, they were completely finished.

I wound up taking part of Thursday and all day Friday off from work to help Sister A. with moving stuff around and generally keeping her sane while the guys worked and we waited to jump in and do our next bit. As the guys finished rooms, we put them back together. Keep in mind, we replaced every single floor in the entire house, so ALL the furniture had to be removed from every room at some point. And after the floor was finished in each room, we had to do a lightning vac-&-Swiffer of all the sawdust, cement dust, and general messy-guy dust before the furniture could be moved back in. Some things we could move ourselves; others had to wait for the guys. But it was sure nice seeing the rooms come together again.

Here's Sister A's reassembled bedroom with its new floor, the tiger-stripe bamboo:

The sewing room (a work in progress, obviously):

The hallway, with Sammi, who expresses her approval of the new floors by flopping down on them anywhere and everywhere:

My bedroom, with Minnie, who likes the new floors just as much as her cousin (but, really, what can beat a nap in your very own cat tree?):

By the way, the cats look quite calm and collected in those photos because they were taken this morning. During the worst of the remodel, they were totally freaked out. Sammi managed to stay inside the house (close to Mama!) even with all the hammering and strangers, but Minnie got right the hell away from this place and stayed away until the whine of saws and all that other racket was over. Saturday night, when the guys worked so horribly late, I managed to grab her around midnight and shut her in my room with me until the guys were gone (my room was done at that point). I did lots of petting and cooing to calm her down, but it took quite a while. She wasn't even next door to normal until after I got out of the shower (my bathroom's an en suite, so I didn't have to leave her alone) and the guys had finally collected their tools and dragged their weary bods home. It was a few days before she really believed the noise and workers and displaced furniture everywhere were all over.

Here's the finished living room this morning, complete with relaxing co-home-owner:

The finished kitchen and utility room, with cork floor:

And my den, with bamboo floors and my old WalMart fake-light-oak bookshelves after an espresso paint job (pretty nice results for 14 bucks!):

We are thrilled with how the floors turned out--it really was worth the late nights and sleep deprivation! But we are equally thrilled to be getting the house back to normal. Yesterday, we finally moved the last of our shelves, book-boxes, and bags of Sister A's quilting fabrics out of the garage and into the house, so we were able to put the cars in their home again; A. got the living room books put in their shelves; and I started the same with the den books.

We are wrecked, but recovering, and very happy with the results.

The only jobs remaining are the installation of the new countertops when they arrive, the backsplash tiling after that, and any last little touch-ups for our honey-do man. Then the house will be done.

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