Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Our naked dining room is stacked to the rafters with boxes containing the new kitchen cabinets! And all those boxes make for excellent mountain-climbing, as you can see.

Minnie is giving everything a thorough sniffing-over.

I haven't seen Sammi hopping up there yet--that sort of jump might be a little beyond Her Chubbiness.

We haven't gotten the installation scheduled yet, but probably will tomorrow morning. We were hoping it could be done this week, but since there are only three days left in this short week, that's probably pushing it.

Anyway, we have other fish to fry before the house fills with cabinet installation guys. We got a rather nasty surprise regarding floor prep today: the black stuff that we found on some areas of the concrete under the linoleum...

...isn't just a harmless stain from really old mastic. It's a stain resulting from something called "cut-back" that was used to adhere linoleum back in the '60s, when this house was built, and up into the early '70s, when it was outlawed. And whyever would "cut-back" be outlawed? Why, because it's made with asbestos!

Oops. And dammit. And a few other choice words.

The floor-installer-dispatcher-lady said they can't take the stuff out themselves (regulations), so we'll have to arrange to get it "abated" on our own. It'll get done, but it'll cost "a fine bundle of lettuce" that we weren't anticipating. Not so much that it brings the project to a screeching halt, of course (especially since we're in the big middle of things!), but enough to be irritating and kick our final tally up a bit.

Anyway, the clean-up is scheduled to start tomorrow morning. The kitchen/dining area will be stripped down to bare concrete, as will both bathrooms. We doubt if there's any of that stuff under the cheapo carpet, but we'll peel up a corner to peek, just in case.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, flooring is scheduled to arrive Thursday on three big pallets (which I'm told are each a 6' cube!). They'll wait in the garage until we get space enough in the dining room to unpack it all and bring it indoors to acclimate before installation. The floor guys offered to move our installation up a week to next Monday, but with the cut-back situation and cabinets that have to go in before floors, we'll have to stick with our original date.

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