Monday, September 12, 2011

Cabinet Day!

"And now...let the wild rumpus start!" --Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak

The cabinet installers began work today and, oh my, are the new cabinets gorgeous or what! We are very pleased with them. I was blown away when I got home from work and saw the nearly-reconstructed kitchen. Here are some pix Sister A. took while the guys were working.

The new cabinets emerge from their boxes.

The first two wall cabinets are up on the stove side of the room (south).

The old sink base is gone (along with the sink, of course). There was a problem with the cut-off valves--they were plastic and looked brittle or scary or something--but Handy Frank came to the rescue and replaced them for us. Now the guys can proceed.

The second pair of south-wall cabinets go up.

Next, the installers put up the window-side (north) wall cabinets. And, yes, that is one very muscle-y young man there. Judging by his T-shirt ("Fill the Boot" for MDA), he's also a firefighter.

All the north-wall cabinets are up, along with the valance, which may be my favorite thing in this whole room (so far).

Tomorrow morning, before the cabinet guys come back, A. and I will zoom over to Home Depot to order the countertops and schedule measurement for same. The cabinet guys are due back around 9:30-10am to finish their installation; they figure they'll be done around noon or 1pm. The flooring installers are scheduled to arrive around 11am, so there'll be overlapping work going on, but they shouldn't get in each other's way.

A. and I will be carrying electronics from room to room as the flooring guys work. In between such fun, however, after the cabinets are all in, we shall be happily restoring our kitchen to functionality.

Our poor kitties--more stompy boots & hammering & general destruction/construction in the house tomorrow, all adding to their already freaked-out state. They'll have to hide in the bathrooms for a while, I guess--those will be the only places that aren't being worked in tomorrow...maybe!

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