Thursday, September 8, 2011

A bigger and better mess

Turns out the black stuff on the floor is not full of asbestos--our guy said it's basically tar, and if there's asbestos in it, it's a wee tiny amount. But we're getting the rest of the linoleum scraped up--we're halfway through it now, anyway.

As you can see by the photo at left, the flooring arrived yesterday. Holy catfish, it's gorgeous! This is the engineered bamboo that will go in the living room, den (that's the den wall & baseboard it's up against in the left-hand pic), both bedrooms, sewing room, and hall. Cork will go in the kitchen, dining area (basically part of the kitchen), utility room, and both bathrooms. Here's a shot of both of them:

Instead of having all those boxes put in the garage, Sister A. had the delivery guys bring them in and pile them in the den, so it's mighty crowded in there now. Our "pantry", which was sitting on the floor, is now on my credenza, and our few bits of cookware are on my desk. The garage did get some of the floor stuff, though--the underlayment and some mystery object(s) in long round tubes are out there.

And when I came home from work yesterday, the first thing I saw coming in from the garage and utility room was this: our utterly destroyed kitchen and mostly scraped-up floor. But, hey, at least the microwave's hooked up while we don't have a stove!

Nobody in their right mind would live in the house while this amount of hooraw was going on...unless, of course, they aren't rich & don't have a second house. There's that.

The cats were completely freaked out yesterday, what with guys stomping through carrying big boxes and Handy Frank scraping up the kitchen floor. Minnie zoomed under my bed to hide, but found Sammi had already staked a claim there, so she dove into my closet instead. Our poor kitties remained in hiding nearly the whole day.

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