Saturday, August 20, 2011

Utility room done (except floor)

Phase I of the remodel is complete. Now we can live semi-normally for a while.  :)

The utility room cabinets (recycled from the kitchen) are all up, painted, cleaned out, and filled with their normal stuff. Except for the floor, that room is done! We wound up with gobs more storage room in there than we had before, since all the cans of paint are in the garage storage cabinets now.

Our handyman has finished the first part of his work. The kitchen cabinets are due to come in Sept. 6 and be installed probably during the following week. After the new cabinets are installed, Frank will come back and do the backsplash tiling and whatever paint touch-ups are necessary. The floors are due to be installed the week of Sept. 19; we'll need our handyman again during that week to take out the old stove, install the new one after the flooring is down, plus take out the potties when the floor guys rip up the linoleum in the bathrooms and put 'em back in place when the bathroom floors are done. Hopefully, both bathrooms can be finished in one day. We are girls, after all--can't exactly go outside and water the crepe myrtles.

Note the fashionable card table in the kitchen between the old stove and the fridge. That and a smidgen of countertop by the sink is what we have for food prep until the new cabinets arrive. But we're both old Girl Scouts--we'll make it work.  :)

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