Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lots of progress

First, before the kitchen remodel got started, we chopped down the big tree in the front yard. It was a sick, scrofulous sycamore that Sister A. just hated, so off with its head!

Click that pic to see the oddity outlined in red. Why is there a screwdriver stuck in the stump, you ask? Because the tree man tried to "drill" holes in it (to pour stump killer into) by hammering a screwdriver into the wood. Then he couldn't get the screwdriver out. He'll just have to wait for the stump to rot a bit. Guess tree guys don't often need drills, so he didn't have one.

We'll eventually replace that tree with a fruitless mulberry, hopefully around tax refund time.

Moving on to the kitchen remodel--it's actually more of a utility room/kitchen remodel with some spiffing up in the garage. Our handyman and his helper started demo Monday and have accomplished a lot this week.

In the garage, they took down the pegboard which was in an inconvenient place, took down the wood paneling somebody had put up along one wall (to cover dinks in the drywall, apparently), repaired all the dinks in the walls, and painted (& even textured!) the whole place. It's the nicest, cleanest-looking garage I've ever laid eyes on!

Handyman Frank on stilts, patching holes in the garage ceiling.
I would love to try those stilts, but with my balance problem, it would probably end badly....

Derrick unscrews the under-cabinet jar-opener for us--gotta keep that!
The guys took down the cheap wall cabinets in the utility room and transferred half of them to the garage, so we can store away all the yard chemicals, paint, and other garage clutter out of sight. Then Saturday, Frank put up the pegboard beside the cabinets and we happily organized things out there.

The shrouded thing on the right is one of the old WalMart bookcases I've been hauling around from one abode to another for about 30 years. We decided to spraypaint them espresso and started with one as a "test subject". We noticed while spraying that leaving a little of the grain showing through the darker paint made it look pretty good!

The row of boxes is mostly books and dishes we can live without until after this whole circus is over and all the furniture is back where it belongs. And why is all the furniture moving? Why, because we're replacing all the floors in the entire house, and no one has yet perfected the art of levitation. Darn.

The guys scraped up the old linoleum in the utility room and kitchen (it will be replaced with cork) and took out the threshold in the doorway between the rooms. Then they started taking down the old kitchen cabinets and parking the various parts in the utility room.

Thank goodness for long shirttails.
Here's some dorky old wallpaper that was revealed when one cabinet was taken down. I think the rolled-up image is a basket of fruit. Yikes, how early '60s...or even late '50s!

Next, the old kitchen cabinets started going up in the utility room. The ones over the washer and dryer in the pic below have already been painted with our trim color, Cancun Sand.

The bank of cabinets on the opposite wall, however, look a bit drunk, thanks to an unexpected problem in the wall between the utility room and the garage--the thing's off-level by an 1.25"! The angle of the ceiling is marked in yellow and the angle of the cabinets is marked in red. There's quite a difference between the two!

The guys will reposition those cabinets centered over the base cabinets instead, so the Leaning Wall of Our House won't be so obvious.

Work resumes Monday, with Frank fixing the drunk cabinets, and also painting the dining area and kitchen Mountain Haze if there's time.

During all this uproar, our house is all junked up again...

...our kitchen/pantry is reduced to one cleared corner of the den...

...and while the guys are working, the cats hide under the beds all day. Minnie was so freaked out at the beginning of the week, her fur was coming out in little drifts. That ended, thank goodness, or she'd be one bald kitty by now! Sammi has been a little more mellow about things; she still doesn't like the hammering & whatnot, but she's friendly to the two handymen.  :)

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