Friday, August 5, 2011

Catnip pants?

The weirdest thing happened last night. I had received some new jeans in the mail (well, new to me--after shopping in thrift stores for years, I can't bear to pay full price for clothes anymore, so these jeans, in a style I particularly like, came from an eBay seller) and laid them on top of the hamper in my bathroom to try on later. Come bedtime, Minnie and I troop into my bathroom as usual, me for bathroom business, she for a sink-drink...and, probably, to get away from her arch-enemy, Sammi (it's been over a year and our two cats still don't like each other).

Minnie saw the jeans on the hamper, got curious, and jumped up onto them. Took a sniff, then a longer sniff, then started rolling around on them like they were dipped in catnip! She even got the big crazy eyes like she was stoned! She was rolling & rubbing herself all over those jeans 'til I began to wonder if they were made of hemp!

I went to find Sister A. "You gotta come see this."

I half expected Minnie to have worn out whatever goodie she was smelling on those jeans by the time A. got there, but, nope, she was still rolling around in catly ecstasy. A. and I laughed our heads off watching her performance. After a bit, Sammi came padding around, wondering what all the fuss was about. Minnie caught sight of her, clamped her claws on my newly acquired jeans, and hissed at Sammi in no uncertain terms! Sammi was quite taken aback--she even trotted off to hide behind my bedroom door for a bit, peeking around the edge of the door to stare at Minnie with alarm as my crazy girl resumed rolling around on the jeans.

Eventually, Sammi re-emerged (curiosity & cats, y'know) and A. pulled a leg of the jeans down on the floor to see if Sammi could smell the same goodie Minnie smelled. Sammi sniffed once and jerked her head back, then sniffed again cautiously, sniff sniff sniiiiifffff...and in no time, she was rolling around & rubbing herself all over the jeans, too!

After we got the jeans away from the cats (because it really was looking like they were going to tear 'em in half!), A. and I both sniffed at the jeans thoroughly, but whatever our kitties were smelling was way too subtle for our poor human noses.

These are just plain ol' Lee cotton jeans with a touch of Spandex for the fat lady. They came wrapped tightly in one of those floppy, fibrous USPS Priority Mail bag/envelopes, which was then stuffed into a cardboard Priority Mail box. I smelled what might have been the very faintest memory of cigarette smoke on them, but it might only have been the blue dye. They were sold as used, but didn't look like they'd been worn or washed much.

As for the cats, neither of those girls react to catnip much, if at all. Sammi likes feet and shoes. Minnie has no particular obsessions, other than burrowing under quilts and blankets.

I have no idea what "secret ingredient" the cats smelled on those jeans! But I made sure to put them in the empty washing machine until next wash day. If I'd put them in the rattan hamper, Minnie probably would have destroyed it trying to get to the sniffy goodness!

Does anyone have any idea what made our cats go "crazypants" over a pair of jeans?

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Thumper said...

Max goes nuts over washrags that still have soap on them, but have already dried. He reacts more to that than the nip. Maybe whomever you bought them from washed them in soap the kitties find intoxicating...