Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New project? New fence!

We were planning to wait on replacing the old tumble-down fence until next spring, after the windows were paid off, but it started "tumbling" rather seriously, so we bit the credit card bullet and accelerated the plan. Today, the guys took down our old fence (really fast--I don't think it put up much resistance!) and started putting up nice solid posts for the new fence. First, of course, one must dig post holes, using this monster:

Here's a nice line of posts, ready for pickets:

And, looky! Our paving-stone path will actually end at a gate soon!  :)

We're going to have brick columns built on each side of all three gates: back, east side, and west side. Here are the bricks; their color is as close to our house brick as possible 50 years after the house was built:

The columns will be filled with mortar and will need time to dry (or cure, or whatever mortar does), so we'll have to do without a fence throughout the weekend. Hopefully, the fence guys can finish up Monday.

The wooden pickets will be dog-eared instead of gothic points. We don't want the cats to have to climb pointy things anymore (at least as far as their home fence is concerned--nuthin' we can do about the neighbor's fence).

Speaking of the kitties, they were pretty weirded out by this development. They went out and sniffed around after the fence guys went to lunch, but only Minnie has returned so far. She seems to have gotten over the latest upheaval, but Sammi ran off when the fence guy turned on the augur again after lunch--she was really spooked by the noise--and she still hasn't come back. Hopefully, she just holed up somewhere during the high wind this afternoon and will turn up again when the wind dies down tonight. We tried to get Minnie to bird-dog her, but she's not being very cooperative. You'd think there would be solidarity between kitties in the face of adversity.

Update: Sammi finally came home sometime after 11pm. :)

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