Saturday, May 7, 2011

Curtains and other house stuff

Sister A. has been a busy bee lately, making curtains for two more rooms! First came these colorful damask curtains in the living room.

She had just enough fabric left over to recover that little pillow on the couch. After that (and a bit of a rest), she made the curtains for my bedroom, brown with cascades of shiny copper and gold leaves. They really tie all the other decor in my room together.

(Note the bonus cat asleep in her tree.)
Both sets are gorgeous--mine are fancier than any curtains I've ever had! And my new curtains make the room darker at night, which is always a plus for me.

Elsewhere on the home front, our falling-down old fence became a bit more active in its falling-down process recently. A section was blown down by the fierce winds we had week before last, and when we tried to nail it back together, the old wood started to split. It's just going to get worse from there, so we decided to move up our next-spring fence replacement plan and git 'er done sooner. The current fence is all wood--skinny gothic-point pickets with a wooden gate in the back and another on the east side of the house (for access from front yard to back) that's hanging by a thread. There's no gate on the west side of the house (naturally, since that's where a gate would be most useful). The new fence will have wider dog-ear pickets and red-brick columns around each of three metal gates (iron or steel, we don't know yet) so that we have access from front yard to back on both sides of the house. We haven't picked out the gates yet--Sister A. spoke with the fence man only last Monday--but we just want something plain with bars narrow enough to keep out dogs. Cats are OK. And chihuahuas, I guess--they're small enough for Sammi to eat in one bite.  ;)

Now about that bonus cat....

Minnie says hi! (OK, it was more like "get that flashy box out of my face", but I translate liberally.)

And, no, she's not a Manx--her tail's under there somewhere.

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Mike-O-Matic said...

Wow, those are gorgeous curtains. It looks like you're staying in a posh hotel somewhere, though I've never stayed anywhere with a bonus cat! Nice work. :)