Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shrubbery, Part 1

We assigned ourselves quite a job for this morning: sawing out the nasty, thorny pyracantha bushes and stinky whatever-it-is-that-smells-like-cat-pee bushes in front of the house, to wit:

The top two pix are (left) what we started with when we moved in and (right) what they looked like after I trimmed a buttload of overgrowth off of them. The bottom pic is what we accomplished today--NO nasty, smelly bushes at all. We've put kill-goop on the stumps and will let that do its work for a week, then we're going to plant 2-3 abelias in the part-shade section under my bedroom window and 2 crape myrtles (Red Rocket, if we can find them again this year) in the full-sun section by the front door.

The pic of the abelia below (left) is off the 'Net and I'm fairly sure it's correct, although I don't know what color we're getting. (I'm not a very accomplished plant person--that's Sister A's area.) The second pic below (right) is one of the crape myrtles we planted in the back last year; we want 2 more like that. They're all gonna be purty, and without any dang 4-inch thorns!

The cats were mighty confused by the sudden disappearance of their prime hiding places, and Minnie was particularly incensed. That's where she goes to hide from Sammi! I'm afraid the new bushes won't be big enough to hide behind for quite a while, but they'll get over it.  :)  Gee, maybe they'll learn to play together instead of Minnie running away from Sammi all the time--wouldn't that be nice!

After our little adventure this morning, we are absolute dead people. If we don't sleep like logs tonight, there's just something wrong with us.

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