Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big beautiful quilt!

Sister A. finished my quilt yesterday and had it on my bed when I came home from work! Lookie how gorgeous!

It's heavy & warm & I was snug as a bug in a rug last night.  :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New windows!

Our latest round of remodeling took place yesterday--we had all the windows replaced with energy-efficient, vinyl-clad Andersens, the kind where the sashes tilt inward so you can clean them easily. Here's one of the installers getting started taking down the old living room window.

And installing the new den window:

And here are more new windows waiting for installation. The two little ones are for the bathrooms, of course, and the "obscure" glass looks really nice--a kind of squiggly pattern instead of just a fine grid like the old windows.

The sewing room now has screens on its windows, hallelujah! The old windows had lost theirs somewhere along the way. This room gets pretty hot in the summer, so it'll be great to be able to open the windows and get a breeze into it.

The Prairie-style grids you see in the sewing room window are in all five big double windows. We should have gotten grids in the kitchen window, too, but we were dopes and confused ourselves, thinking that we had to keep the blinds we had up to block the sun...which is now blocked by the new patio cover! What a couple o' maroons....

The front of the house, where the living room and my bedroom are, looks so much better with the new white-framed windows. We're very pleased!

There's a little bit of new wood trim to paint around the living room and den windows, and we also have holes that need filling inside where the old blinds were mounted, but we've already got a handyman lined up for that.

And here's a happy home-co-owner cleaning our brand new windows for the first time.  :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day

We got a bit of the white stuff last night. Sister A. noticed these squirrel tracks in the snow on our back patio. She had seen squirrels come up to one of the cats' outdoor water bowls before, and apparently one of them paid a visit sometime this morning. Alas, the water was frozen solid. No surprise--the wind chill was about -16° last night!

(Biggify to see the tracks better. Hoppity hoppity hop!)

Here's Minnie looking out at the snow. That's as close as she's gonna get to it today. It's way too cold for even well-furred critters to be outside.

BTW, that beautiful quilt she's sitting on is the one Sister A. is making to put on my bed.  :)

Sammi decided to join Minnie on the quilt table. Minnie was not too pleased with that.