Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home (and health) improvements

We decided to sell both exercise bikes and put the money toward a good treadmill; luckily, too, a great deal cropped up at Play It Again Sports on a PaceMaster Pro Plus, so we nabbed it. We both use it every day. It's got four programs--cardio, interval, fat burn, and endurance--but we're so completely out of shape, we can't manage to keep up with them for more than two minutes, so we're just setting our own speed & time for now. I'm very pleased with it. It's quiet; it inclines electronically, so you don't have to hop off and reset it in the middle of your workout; and it's got spots for your water cup and the all-important TV remote. Very handy.

I've lost four pounds that I'm pretty sure was water, but, hey, it's a step in the right direction.  :)  We are trying to be more sensible about meals, though, and cutting down on chockies.

In the home improvement arena, we recently had the screeching old garage doors replaced with insulated ones that work consistently--what a concept!--and are so much quieter than the old doors, it's unbelievable. The difference in temperature inside the garage and outside is quite remarkable in this cold season; that insulation should be a great help in the summer, too, which is when we really need it.

We finalized the order for our next improvement at Home Depot today: new windows all around. The old aluminum windows leak like sieves and have these stupid, screwed-on storm windows you have to completely remove if you ever want to clean the glass outside. Since nobody does that, the windows are just about opaque by now, especially with gaps allowing in loads of West Texas dirt. They're in bad shape all around, with screens missing or torn, single glazing, and one or two that won't stay open without a prop anymore, so they need to be replaced somethin' fierce. The new windows should arrive at good ol' Home Depot (our home away from home) in three or four weeks, then our favorite installers will put 'em in for us. Sister A. says we will then have replaced every aperture in the house except the roof vents!  :D

At some point this year, we'll have the fence replaced, too, but the concrete block idea we had originally will probably have to give way to a cheaper wood structure, since we dropped a bunch of money on windows. That'll work for several years, and then we'll redo it right.

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TK and Squashies said...

Hey concatulashuns on the 4lbs. I is doing good on my diet too! Any loss is good, no matter where it comes from.
Keep going, YAY!