Friday, December 31, 2010

"May you live in interesting times..."

This has been one eventful year--from dealing with feral cats and getting new French doors installed at my old house, to selling that place and setting up in a new house with my sister and our two combative kitties; from workplace security with my old boss and my nice office-with-a-window, through the bloodbath of RIF (reduction in force) and the advent of a new boss (whom, frankly, nobody trusts), to feeling quite a bit less secure (but at least still working!) in my smaller, windowless office; from having practically nothing to do at work because our business is shifting from print to web, to working non-stop (including overtime) on a huge database and front-end web system to better organize our work. At the beginning of this year, I sure didn't expect to be sharing a house with Sister A. quite this soon, nor in this particular city, but it has worked out great. The office mess, well, that's another kettle of fish, but I can't do much about it other than keep my nose clean and make sure the new boss knows what an excellent, useful, hard-working, and multi-talented employee I am.  :)

As to the database, that's going well, and--bonus--it's fun (although coding problems do drive me whacko at times). I've had a heckuva time finding info (and code to steal) for PHP 5.3 with SQL Server 2005, but it's working.

Minnie and Sammi still aren't getting along. We've tried letting them duke it out on their own, we've tried breaking up fights, and we've tried keeping them apart--no luck yet. Our next step is to try Spirit Essences, specifically the combination of Peacemaker, Bully Remedy, and Self-Esteem (read about it on their site). I've tried plain Rescue Remedy before on another cat, trying to get him to chill out and quit spraying indoors, but it didn't work--at least not enough to stop the spraying. I've also tried a Feliway diffuser on Minnie with little or no effect. I'm hoping for better results this time, but I'm not holding my breath.

The humans in this house are getting along just fine, thank you. Sister A. is having a bit of a sad this first holiday after her divorce, but time will heal.

I've had a nice, relaxing week-and-a-day of vacation between Christmas and New Year's. I did go to the office a couple of afternoons this week, both to work in the absolute quiet there and to make sure I didn't forget any of my hard-won code learnin', but not enough to "disturb my relax", as Justin Wilson put it.

Here's hoping everyone lives in slightly less interesting times this year!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we've had enough interesting times for quite a while. Let's hope this year is more serene and secure. A :)