Sunday, November 7, 2010

Art and china

Our contractor finished repainting the china cabinet and brought it by last week, so now Sister A's china is put up all purty instead of cluttering the countertop. The cabinet was painted "dark truffle" outside and Behr Cancun Sand inside. As you can see from the second photo, some of the larger pieces broke from the "herd" to become objets d'art. The china pattern is called Homespun. The cabinet was a faded off-white/yellow before; its new colors suit the china much better.
Speaking of art, we found some posters at Hobby Lobby that we like and put them in nice frames from a seller on eBay, so now the walls are dressed up a bit more. Here's Sammi having her nap interrupted while I shoot pix of the big white rose pic and the colorful potted flowers in A's bedroom.

I also have new art over my bed, a diptych of autum leaves in rust, brown, and cream, but it's Change The Bed Day and I haven't gotten a round tuit yet, so no pix of the slob's room.  :)

In addition, here's a cool piece of "repurposed" art: A. had this spiffy Chinese-design material lying around doing nothing, and during the shuffling of pix & frames, this frame turned up empty, so add a little nutmeg-&-black spray paint and voila!--Art. This is hanging in a corner of my den.

And here are our two living pieces of art, Minnie and Sammi, getting their beauty sleep.  :)

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Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

I went "Oooh" when that first picture popped up! Beautiful china cabinet and I love the pieces in it! Perfect!
As I've gotten older I've been drawn more & more to vibrant color. I never cared for green but now with all the shades available to choose from its a different story I love the shade on A's wall and the poster really pops against it!

The living works of art are of course priceless! -sss's mom