Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas is coming :)

Proximity alert!

Proof positive that these two critters can get along in proximity to one another, on occasion, if they try.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is one of the main things we have to be thankful for today:

Our nice house on a nice, quiet, dead-end street, with nice neighbors and nobody shooting guns in the air on holidays. Bonus!

I'm also thankful that I have a good-paying job that survived the recent RIF (reduction in force) bloodbath, so that we can afford to keep said nice house.

And we're very thankful that we got enough from the sale of my old house to make a lot of improvements on our new house in a short time, without going into hideous debt.

Activity in our house today includes kitties napping, pies cooking, and general relaxation. Life is good.  :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

And now it's time for "Spot That Cat!"

Minnie has found the perfect perch--on top of the neighbor's gazebo. Here she is pointedly not looking at me, in spite of piddling human entreaties. If you can spot her immediately, you win the Kewpie doll!

(OK, I lied, there's not really a Kewpie doll. I can probably Google up a picture of one, though.  :)

Sammi has also perfected the "I'm ignoring you" stance, as you can see in this portrait of Her Floofiness.

Any cat who can't snub her humans properly is a sad specimen indeed.

On the behavioral front, Minnie's bum has healed nicely and there's been no further bloodshed. I think Sammi knows we're watching her like hawks, and Sister A. is doing a bang-up job of keeping watch over our two fur-kids during the day. Sammi did try to get in Minnie's face one night last week and got zapped for it, but otherwise, things in the Unpeaceable Kingdom are rolling along smoothly, although Minnie's still nervous around Sammi.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kitty problem

Our two cats, Sammi and Minnie, met for the first time during a visit by Sister A. from her then-home in another town. It was not a success, to say the least--they hissed and spat at each other the whole time. We were discouraged from repeating that experiment, so since the cats would never meet again, no problem.

Back in April, though, life happened and A. & Sammi came to live with me & Minnie. Again, the cats hissed and spat at each other. But it was a stressful time, after all, so we hoped they'd eventually get over it and become, if not BFFs, at least tolerant of each other. About two months later, when A. and I bought the larger house together, we figured it would help the feline situation since the cats would be able to give each other a wide berth and still have plenty of individual perching, napping, and playing space. With time, we thought, things would improve between our two pets. So after the move and merging of food and the accompanying messy-poop problems were over with, we decided to let the cats just duke it out until they came to terms with each other.

Not only have they not mellowed toward each other, their hissing & spitting has escalated to short-lived but genuine fights as Sammi has gradually become an outright bully toward Minnie. Poor Minnie slinks around the house trying to stay out of Sammi's way, and Sammi lurks beside doorways waiting to leap out at her. And yesterday evening, I discovered a small wound in Minnie's backside--the work of Sammi's claws, no doubt. No wonder Minnie's so desperate to get outside despite the cold snap!

Letting them sort things out between them has obviously not worked, and we're not sure what to do next. We are not taking the offending bully to the animal shelter--you animal-lovers all know what the result would be. I want A. to be able to keep her kitty (who can be really sweet when she wants to) not only because she loves Sammi, but because one of the things her ex was pissy about was her relationship with her cat--like that took anything away from him!--and she briefly considered giving up Sammi in order to pacify him, which totally made me nuts. (I don't put up with BS from men anymore, anyway, and his jealousy of a cat was just too stupid for words.) I do not want me or mine to be the cause of her finally losing her pet. But both Minnie and Sammi were one-per-household cats before A. and I moved in together; it may be that they can't--or won't--change at this point in their lives.

In any case, aggression will no longer be tolerated. If Sammi tries to get in Minnie's face (as, indeed, she did this morning), we will immediately get in Sammi's face. Sammi was sure surprised this morning when A. plucked her off the potential battlefield, set her in a chair, and held her there until she simmered down! (And in the meantime, Minnie escaped to her cat tree in my bedroom.)

Knowing that Minnie can't even be comfortable in her own home is distressing to both myself and A. If anyone knows of a way to get these two fightin' felines to get along, we'd sure love to hear it. In the meantime, I guess we'll just have to be vigilant in breaking up assaults before they happen.

"Can't we all just get along?"

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Art and china

Our contractor finished repainting the china cabinet and brought it by last week, so now Sister A's china is put up all purty instead of cluttering the countertop. The cabinet was painted "dark truffle" outside and Behr Cancun Sand inside. As you can see from the second photo, some of the larger pieces broke from the "herd" to become objets d'art. The china pattern is called Homespun. The cabinet was a faded off-white/yellow before; its new colors suit the china much better.
Speaking of art, we found some posters at Hobby Lobby that we like and put them in nice frames from a seller on eBay, so now the walls are dressed up a bit more. Here's Sammi having her nap interrupted while I shoot pix of the big white rose pic and the colorful potted flowers in A's bedroom.

I also have new art over my bed, a diptych of autum leaves in rust, brown, and cream, but it's Change The Bed Day and I haven't gotten a round tuit yet, so no pix of the slob's room.  :)

In addition, here's a cool piece of "repurposed" art: A. had this spiffy Chinese-design material lying around doing nothing, and during the shuffling of pix & frames, this frame turned up empty, so add a little nutmeg-&-black spray paint and voila!--Art. This is hanging in a corner of my den.

And here are our two living pieces of art, Minnie and Sammi, getting their beauty sleep.  :)